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Daddy’s Little Girl &n Mommy’s Dreaded Seed is one that I had to write if I never write another book again. I struggled with myself writing this book because of how deep and personal it is to my very being. I truly felt that someone out there could benefit from knowing that you can overcome adversity within the family structure. You can become all that God created you to be if you just faint not”. Now, I know that this is easier said than done, but when you read this book you will see that being hated and mistreated by your own mother, surviving in a house with a mother who was heavily practicing witch craft and the black art and the murder of my father who was the only positive person in my life with the rumor that you mother orchestrated his murder you will see how you can overcome troubles in your life and move on to your bright future. I pray that this book can and will help you accomplish your true purpose in life and know deep down in your heart no matter what you are going through that trouble doesn’t last always. If you want to know how to overcome hostile adversity in your home, if you want to know how to overcome suicidal tendencies and most important if you want to get through the storm and come out on the other side like gold than this book is for you.
bookcover Daddy's Little Girl & Mommy's Dreaded Seed SKU: ISBN 978-1-63000-549-8 Price: $18.00